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Your EDI Challenges and How Outsourcing Can Help Overcome Them

First, we might as well start with the basics: What is EDI?  EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and it is what allows companies to interchange business documents electronically, more efficiently and without manual intervention.  EDI has been around for quite some time, think 1960s, but has evolved greatly since then with EDI standards developing […]

Introducing: The Prometheus Driverless EDI Platform

Promethean’s “Driverless EDI” technology is a revolutionary advancement to the traditional EDI approach. For over 20 years, Promethean’s custom EDI solutions have been the secret competitive advantage to the largest and most recognizable industry leading companies in the world. Companies like Subaru and Hubbell, the largest electrical supply manufacturer and distributor with annual sales exceeding […]

Taking Managed B2Bi Services to Another Level

The decision to outsource your company’s EDI to a managed B2Bi services provider can be a long process. In some cases, it can also become stressful. Some companies will offer you the world, without the ability to deliver it to you. Promethean is a customer-centric organization and we have found success in acting proactively to […]

Why Are Mid-Size Corporations Implementing Managed EDI Services?

Strategic, Competitive and Economic advantages. That’s why. The most misunderstood aspect of our business comes from intermediate and mid-sized companies which assume a Managed EDI Service solution only makes sense for small companies. The reality couldn’t be more different or more surprising.  While it is true small companies do make up a large portion of the market […]

Your EDI Translation Software is About to Self-Destruct

With the exception of a handful of EDI software providers offering enterprise class B2B Connectivity & Collaborative Data Exchange software solutions there has been very little advancement with the stand-alone EDI Translation Software so many organizations depend on daily.  Most of this software was purchased well over ten years ago at about the same time […]

Infographic: Should Your Company Outsource EDI?

Outsourcing EDI can be very beneficial for a business.  Should your company outsource EDI?    Here are 6 questions that can help you decide: Is EDI a primary service or offering from your business? If not, don’t waste your time on it.  Do what you do well — focus on the functions you specialize in! Is […]

Leading the Way in B2B Integration

The modern enterprise faces an increasingly competitive and chaotic global marketplace that is driving business executives to change strategies and tactics faster than ever. As businesses rapidly expand and evolve via new markets, lines of business, mergers, acquisitions, and other growth strategies, IT departments are challenged with providing modern business-to-business integration (B2Bi) solutions and electronic […]

Use of EDI Service Providers Increase Because of Knowledge Loss

I’ve seen a trend that is really making knowledge transfer in organizations today an increasingly salient issue. The major demographic shifts that are happening, which includes not only the retirement of baby boomers, but the increased turnover of highly skilled midcareer employees and the increased difficulties of recruiting, developing, and retaining Gen Ys (younger workers). […]