Why Are Mid-Size Corporations Implementing Managed EDI Services?

Strategic, Competitive and Economic advantages. That’s why. The most misunderstood aspect of our business comes from intermediate and mid-sized companies which assume a Managed EDI Service solution only makes sense for small companies. The reality couldn’t be more different or more surprising.  While it is true small companies do make up a large portion of the market

Your EDI Translation Software is About to Self-Destruct

Your EDI Translation Software is About to Self-Destruct With the exception of a handful of EDI software providers offering enterprise class B2B Connectivity & Collaborative Data Exchange software solutions there has been very little advancement with the stand-alone EDI Translation Software so many organizations depend on daily.  Most of this software was purchased well over

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Unmatched Service

No other EDI provider can match our superior service and number of satisfied managed EDI customers. Continue Reading.

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Make the jump.

Many of our customers agree that there is no way they could bring their EDI services back in house with the level of attention to detail and the service that Promethean provides for anywhere near the same cost. Continue Reading.

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EDI has evolved. Have you?

Everything has changed in IT over the past 15 years – Why are your EDI processes virtually the same as they were in 1995? Continue Reading.