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Make the jump to managed EDI

Make the jump.

From traditional EDI to Prometheus.

Congratulations. The fact that you’ve clicked on this page shows that you are looking for ways to improve your EDI processes.

As you are about to discover, there is not a single, competitive, financial, staffing or technical reason to be managing EDI internally today. No matter how capable your organization! Absolutely NONE!

Many of our customers agree that there is no way they could bring their EDI services back in house with the level of attention to detail and the service that Promethean provides for anywhere near the same cost. Testimonials.

As an information technology executive and professional, you pride yourself and your staff on the ability to evaluate technical specifications, functions and stability on any new software, hardware or communications protocol you come across. Not so fast. When it comes to managed EDI services, technical capability is only a small part of the evaluation criteria of a credible managed EDI solution.

Download our white paper and find out: How to evaluate the managed EDI marketplace.

•  Discover the 4 types of Managed EDI Solutions that are available in the marketplace.
•  Insider facts on what has happened with the EDI industry over the past few years.
•  Find out how to separate the proven service providers from the pretenders.
•  How to evaluate the true cost of your current EDI services, and compare apples to apples.

Are you considering moving to a completely hosted managed EDI solution?

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