Automate (Non-EDI) Business Transactions


Are You Still Receiving Purchase Orders and Sending Invoices Via a CSV File, PDF, Email, Phone or Fax?

The Effects of Non-EDI Transactions on Your Manufacturing Business

Relying on non-EDI business transactions for order and invoice processing faces significant challenges and risks.

Even a small typo, misplaced decimal point, or misinterpretation of information can lead to incorrect product quantities, shipping addresses, or pricing, leading to shipping discrepancies, delays, and customer dissatisfaction.

These non-EDI business transactions also require manual reconciliation and rework, increasing administrative overheads and slowing down the entire order-to-cash cycle.


Easily Automate Non-EDI Purchase Orders and Invoices into Your ERP Format

It’s like EDI, but it’s not.

Promethean’s Trident Integration Plan speeds the transfer of purchase orders and invoices using our proprietary Any-to-Any file translation, saving you the cost, time, and inefficiencies of manual touchpoints.

We work with ANY proprietary file and handle the data processing,  validation, and error checking to seamlessly transfer orders and invoices into your ERP system.

In cases where file transfers involve complex data transformations, such as converting data between different EDI standards or handling intricate mapping rules, robotic automation can handle these tasks with precision.

Proven Results from Automating Non-EDI Partners

  • Reduced manual data entry
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Increase transaction speed
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Strengthen partner relationships
  • Attract new business opportunities
  • A competitive advantage
  • Streamline overall supply chain operations

If your goal is to improve operational efficiency by automating purchase orders and invoices but EDI is not in the budget, then the Trident Integration Plan is your answer.

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