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No other EDI provider can match our superior service and number of satisfied managed EDI customers.

Pioneered and launched over 20 years ago, Promethean’s Managed EDI Solution has evolved beyond the service levels, reliability, and customization capability delivered by any other provider of managed EDI services.

Our customers say it all.

“Four years ago we were having lots of issues with various IT programs. Things just weren’t working out. Promethean resolved the problems plaguing our system and far exceeded our expectations. They delivered more than they said they would. Promethean really took our EDI efforts to the next level.”

Chuck Tencza
Hubbell Incorporated

Just ask for our Fortune 500 references.

Our managed EDI solutions have earned the trust of some of the most respected Fortune 500 corporations in America.

“Promethean has been handling our managed EDI services for nearly a decade. There’s no way we could bring these services back in house with the level of attention to detail and service that Promethean provides for anywhere near the same cost.”

Paul Szentkiralyi
Director, Information Technology & Shared Services Americas
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

I would like to talk to a managed EDI service provider who can handle my EDI processes more cost-effectively and with more technical sophistication than any other IT department or EDI service provider, while improving my budget and saving my company money.

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