EDI has evolved.
Welcome to the modern era of EDI & B2B integration!

Prometheus is a complete B2B/EDI solution scalable to your organization’s needs – offering technical superiority, advanced business intelligence/analytics, complete data visibility – as well as the most acclaimed, respected and experienced support staff in the industry.

Promethean was the first 20 years ago, and continues to be the ONLY EDI provider offering an integrated network designed for the specific purpose of providing a custom-managed EDI solution.

We’re proud to say that no other EDI company can match the service levels, reliability, customization capabilities, and technical superiority that we offer. Welcome to the EDI revolution.


With Prometheus you get the technical superiority of a platform-independent EDI solution, with advanced business intelligence/analytics, complete data visibility, hosted in a secured and redundant on-premise data center, based right here in the United States.
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Our FireWeb Exchange Network represents a marked improvement in data exchange technology, offering quantum leaps in data security, visibility and manipulation capabilities.
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Imagine all your individual supply chain functions joined and presented within a single user interface with advanced dashboard-driven analytics. Welcome to the modern era of EDI & B2B integration.
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Unmatched Service

No other EDI provider can match our superior service and number of satisfied managed EDI customers.
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Make the jump.

Many of our customers agree that there is no way they could bring their EDI services back in house with the level of attention to detail and the service that Promethean provides for anywhere near the same cost. Continue Reading.

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EDI has evolved. Have you?

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