The complete Data Transformation

and B2B Integration Platform

The Prometheus platform offers a complete customizable solution scalable to your organization’s needs related to data transformation (EDI, XML, Any-to-Any Translation), Managed File Transfer and Secure Communications, Full B2B Integration and, of course, our 25+ years of experience in providing full Managed EDI Services.

Technical Superiority, Business Intelligence/Analytics, Complete Data Visibility — along with experienced technical staff providing personal top-tier support. That is the Prometheus platform!

Our experience, support and customization capabilities, combined with having one of the most reliable and secure Value Added Networks in the industry, make Promethean the right EDI Managed Services provider for any size company, from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

With Prometheus you get a complete, platform-independent integration solution, with business intelligence/analytics, complete data visibility, hosted in a secured and redundant on-premise data center and fully managed by experienced personnel. The Prometheus solution fully eliminates the need for expensive software, licensing and personnel, and allows for better use of resources, productivity, error resolution, and faster partner onboarding. It is truly the better strategic alternative to handling EDI and data translation in-house.

The FireWeb Exchange Network is the core of all of our communications, offering the ability to connect with partners via a multitude of secure protocols, along with the latest data exchange technologies, security, visibility, data manipulation and customization capabilities. FireWeb is also the base for our Managed File Transfer capabilities, offering our clients the most reliable enterprise-grade file transfer platform.

The core of our customization and web application capabilities. Unlimited online custom reporting tools, data manipulation and “any-to-any” data translation. On-demand, custom development to fit your processing and data visibility needs, our Encompass group simplifies and reduces the workload of our clients.

We are pleased to announce we have successfully completed the highest IT reporting standard the System and Organization Controls Report (SOC-2). With this SOC-2 report we remain committed to security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality!

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