ERP Integration


Leveraging the Power of EDI with your ERP System

Integrating EDI poses complexities that manufacturers encounter, regardless of whether they utilize popular ERP systems or have a unique in-house ERP solution. As a result, the integration process often demands customization to address these complexities effectively.

Our knowledge of various ERP software architectures, data structures, and communication protocols and extensive experience with ERP systems allows us to deliver a reliable and efficient EDI integration solution tailored to your specific ERP environment.

How Customization Can Enhance the Integration:

  • Tailored Mapping and Workflows
  • Trading Partner-Specific Customizations
  • Industry-Specific Compliance
  • User Interface and User Experience
  • Scalability and Future Growth

Our specialized knowledge in pre- and post-processing data benefits our clients and their IT departments, freeing up their resources and allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

Utilizing the experience of Promethean Software Services can help navigate these challenges, customize the integration to meet specific requirements, and ensure a successful and streamlined integration process.

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