Experienced and committed technical personnel, offering a hands-on, personal approach to servicing your EDI needs, and working within the most reliable Managed Services network and technical infrastructure in the industry.


Our distinct level of EDI success is your competitive advantage.

The pinnacle of all Promethean B2B Integration products and services is our Prometheus MANAGED EDI solution. Pioneered and launched over 20 years ago, this solution has evolved beyond the service levels, reliability, and customization capability delivered by any other provider of managed EDI services.

Prometheus MANAGED EDI delivers and integrates data seamlessly to YOUR requirements, not ours. The synchronous design of our PROMETHEUS software; the advanced analytics of our FIREWEB network; and their integration with ENCOMPASS, our B2B custom application development team – enable us to:

  • Quickly adapt to any unique data anomalies, processing uniqueness, or integration constraints across a large single-sourced shared platform.
  • Provide your trading partners with an immediate and responsive staff.
  • Deliver future technologies at the ready without startup delays.

The extensive practical application and acknowledged success of Prometheus MANAGED EDI has earned the trust of some of the largest and most respected corporations in their industry. Just ask for our Fortune 500 References or read Our Testimonials.


Your single-sourced, hosted, multi-tenant, cloud-based EDI software solution.

For organizations that maintain all EDI systems and process internally, the ON-DEMAND component of Prometheus is exciting news! The unique solution delivers translation software, communications technology and service methodology into a single-sourced, hosted, multi-tenant, cloud-based EDI software solution for on-demand use.

Prometheus ON-DEMAND is a subscription-based EDI solution that offers immediate availability, economical/scalable pricing, and an independent approach to your mapping needs. It offers the same level of technology and mapping flexibility historically justified by the largest companies intrinsically reliant on B2B/EDI for their success. With ON-DEMAND, however, you enjoy the benefits of paying only for the level of capabilities that your organization demands.

Thanks to the revolutionary user-proficiency intelligence of Prometheus ON-DEMAND, any level of user – from novice to expert – can interact with the software in a wizardly manner to achieve maximum quality end results.


Grow your business using our innovative Driverless Retail EDI.

Prometheus SUPPLY CHAIN offers an immediate, economical and scalable EDI solution that allows your organization to meet the needs of your customers without having to alter your existing business. With Prometheus SUPPLY CHAIN, you receive competitive pricing based on the technology and service your organization requires. Why settle for a small company, cookie-cutter EDI/Supply Chain solution? Reap the benefits of our Driverless EDI retail solutions.

Learn More About Driverless EDI Here: