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What is Diagnostic Analytics?

Once you have a good understanding of what has happened (Descriptive analytics) it’s time to consider why it happened. Diagnostic analytics refers to the methods used to answer questions about why something has happened. More carefully stated, diagnostic analytics establishes possible answers to why something happened. This distinction is important when thinking about diagnostic analytics […]

What is Descriptive Analytics?

Descriptive analytics is using data to answer what has happened. This makes descriptive analytics an essential aspect of every business; before deciding what is next, we need to know what has happened. Most businesses engage in descriptive analytics even if they are not consciously seeking it out. Descriptive analytics looks to answer questions about the […]

In-House EDI vs. Managed EDI Services

It’s no secret that businesses constantly review their budgets every year and research new ways to cut costs and eliminate unnecessary tasks that occupy too much of their staff’s time and resources. When it comes time to decide whether to keep your electronic data interchange (EDI) in-house or to outsource to a Managed EDI Service […]

What is Data Analytics?

Analytics is the process of applying math to data to get insights into specific questions. Data Analytics has become a diverse and all-encompassing tool that deals with the extraction of usable information from data, with the goal of improving systems. In any discipline there is a need for information regarding trends and metrics that increase […]

Your EDI Challenges and How Outsourcing Can Help Overcome Them

First, we might as well start with the basics: What is EDI?  EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and it is what allows companies to interchange business documents electronically, more efficiently and without manual intervention.  EDI has been around for quite some time, think 1960s, but has evolved greatly since then with EDI standards developing […]