Are you draining your resources by keeping EDI in-house? This short video shares some of the benefits of using a Managed EDI Service Provider like Promethean.

While most members of the IT department focus their time and energy on the core competencies of the business, others find themselves spending endless hours fixing errors and dealing with the company’s EDI.

In-House EDIManaged EDI
Hosted on your own servers and
hardware with all associated
Hosted on our platform,
eliminating hardware and
You are responsible for initial
software costs and ongoing
licensing fees.
No software or licensing fees.
Must hire and train skilled and
knowledgeable employees.
Specialized expertise with
experienced project teams.
Monitoring and support challenges to correct errors.Comprehensive monitoring,
alerting and support services.

Promethean’s Managed EDI Provides:

  • An efficient and customized solution for your business.
  • A cost-effective alternative to keeping EDI in-house.
  • Custom reporting and data visibility/analytics.

In a time when companies are calculating any way to help their business continue to grow, a managed EDI service could be a successful part of that equation.