Have you ever been in a situation with your business and thought to yourself “I need an EDI Department to handle this for me”, then remember you don’t have the budget for an in-house EDI team?  If you find yourself short-staffed and need reliable help that’s available now, outsourcing could be the best solution for you. 

Outsourcing has evolved over the last couple of decades, and it no longer means you’ll be obsolete or no longer in control.  It has now become a “best business practice” because it can lower your overhead costs, reduce the need for training someone for an in-house position and remove your system limitations.  Outsourcing can elevate and open new doors for your company.  Whether it’s that your partner needs an EDI transaction you’ve never heard of or requires you to use a communication method such as AS2 that requires a software application, a Managed EDI Service Provider can handle all that for you.  A Managed EDI partner would become your co-worker, not your replacement. 

When you finally choose to go down the outsourcing path, you should look for a partner that will allow you to have as much or as little to do with your company’s day-to-day EDI happenings as YOU wish.  You may want to hand over everything and say, “do it all” or you would feel more comfortable being part of every step of every day.  Some companies want their Managed EDI company to be the ‘go-between’ for them and their partners and clients that want direct contact with their partners only.  The choice is yours.

Compared to 20 years ago, many businesses are doing EDI now, and having EDI is more important than ever.  Do you want to grow your business but need to be EDI-compliant to do so?  A Managed EDI Service could be the solution for you.  While there are a few options for outsourcing available, you’ll want to choose a Managed EDI Service Provider that will not be a call center.  You will want a dedicated EDI consultant that should be with you every step of the process and be considered your EDI assistant.  You set the pace and they follow your lead (or take the lead if you need them to). 

At Promethean, our purpose is to collaborate with you from the beginning, middle, and end.  So, if your company needs to go down the outsourcing road, we are here and ready to build a partnership.