Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a very critical piece of the business model for most companies. It allows a company to seamlessly exchange important documents (invoices, purchase orders, etc.) with their customers and suppliers. Although undeniably important, EDI is often viewed as an expensive, time consuming overhead for a company. But it does not have to be!

Typically, when we see a company tackling all their EDI in-house there is an absence of some of the benefits of EDI. Managed EDI can provide those significant business benefits like efficiency, reduced costs and diminishing penalties or charge backs. The objective of a managed EDI service is not to eliminate jobs within an organization but rather to become more efficient.  The internal IT departments win back the time to focus on the core competencies and the managed EDI services company focuses solely on your EDI, eliminating errors that can be made when time spent on EDI is limited.

Are you draining your resources by keeping EDI in-house?

In a time when companies are calculating any way to help their business continue to grow, a managed EDI service could be a successful part of that equation.

While most members of the IT department focus their time and energy on the core competencies of the business, others find themselves spending endless hours fixing errors and dealing with the company’s EDI. EDI is a prime example of an important piece of a successful business puzzle that could be more efficiently maintained outside the company like accounting or payroll.  Setting up new trading partners, mapping and even the routine maintenance of EDI is a complex process. EDI systems require massive groundwork and care to make sure they are accurately enabled and continue to function properly without interruptions. 

Promethean Software Services, Inc. is a leading managed EDI service provider. We have the highest customer retention rate in the industry and would love to see if we could be the right fit for your company.  For more information on how we have helped companies just like yours, please read our case study below!